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Exhaust Systems

Looking for that great sound and performance? Add a custom exhaust system to suit your needs. Custom exhaust systems give your vehicle improved performance and fuel mileage by allowing your engine to breath easier. Some like it loud and some are just looking for a more throatier sound. Whatever way you like it we can match a system to what you’re looking for.

Lift & Suspension

Want extra clearance underneath your truck? Give your truck some extra height by adding a lift kit or leveling kit and enjoy increased tire clearance, better off-roading, and of course bonus style points! Level 1 Customz has the right kit for your truck to meet your style and performance goals.

Leveling Kits

On most trucks the rear end will sit higher than the front for towing and hauling. When you add a leveling kit, you can raise the front end of your truck from 1.5 to 3.5 inches.

Lift Kits

Lift kits raise your entire truck not just the front end, and the amount you lift your truck is up to you! A standard lift kit will offer up to 10 inches of lift, and a custom kit can go even higher.

Tires & Wheels

Mag Wheels

Looking to update the look of your ride and give it a little bling? Add a nice set of mag wheels to bring out your style.

Performance Tires

Many people spend top dollars on their truck and neglect where the rubber hits the road. Investing in good tires is critical for the safety and health of the truck and it's passengers.


The importance of good lighting when driving cannot be understated. While safety is a top concern, many drivers also use lighting to boost the aesthetics of their truck. Whether you are having a hard time seeing at night while driving or just looking to outfit your truck with some custom colored lights, Level 1 Customz can help!

Running Boards

Running boards give you protection along the entire side of your vehicle from mud, snow and rocks at the same time gives your vehicle great looks. Available in many different styles and finishes (stainless steel, black powder coat or aluminum) Running boards are also available with LED accent lights and are also available in an electric style that tuck under your vehicle when all doors are closed. When opening your door the boards will drop down allowing you easy access in or out of your vehicle. Also available for lifted trucks with a longer down reach to make it easier getting in and out.

Tow Bars

Level 1 Customz can install a tow bar system on your RV or Camper allowing you to tow a vehicle. The tow bar is mounted on the RV which keeps the vehicle being towed free from clunky equipment and a cluttered appearance. When not in use, simply fold the tow bar and lock it in place on the Camper or RV, keeping it out of the way until the next time it is needed.