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Standby Power Generators

Don't get left in the dark the next time the power is out. Protect your home or business with a standby generator.

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Level 1 Customz sells, services and installs residential and commercial standby generators for all project sizes.

Residential Generators

Automatic standby power generators are used to provide emergency backup power for homes when the power goes out, ensuring that key systems are able to continue running without interruption. These generators run on natural gas, diesel, or liquid propane and because they are located on the exterior of the home, they are much safer than portable generators.

Residential standby generators are permanently connected to your homes electrical grid, but will only activate when a sensor detects a power outage longer than 30 seconds. When this happens a signal is sent that disconnects your home from the BC Hydro electrical grid and connects the standby generator. Once BC Hydro power is restored, the system will reverse back to normal.

Commercial Generators

Commercial generators supply power for manufacturing, retail and other commercial applications during periods when the power from the BC Hydro grid is interrupted.

The loss of power to refrigeration units, heating units and other applications can often be a critical problem during a power outage.

Standby commercial generators provide power to prevent losses associated with outages, keep your businesses operating, and allow any and all critical building services to continue.