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Diesel Engine Maintenance & Repairs

When it comes to Diesel Engines, Level 1 Customz has got you covered. From repairs to performance upgrades, we do it all.

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Repairs & Maintenance

The best way to minimize breakdowns is doing routine maintenance. At Level 1 Customz we are trained and equipped to perform the latest in diagnostic and factory updates, repairs and much much more.

Cummins Engines

We are fully equipped and trained to service and repair Cummins equipped diesel trucks maintaining the power and performance these power trains are known for. Make that old tired Cummins engine perform like new!

Powerstroke Engines

The Powerstroke Diesel is an extremely complex diesel engine. At Level 1 Customz we can diagnose and repair any problems quickly and accurately, saving you costly trips to the dealer and downtime.

Air Conditioning

We can perform a complete a/c system evaluation, leak test, check all belts and compressor, look for deterioration and check your climate control and have you back to a cool interior in no time!

Other Services

Level 1 Customz offers a suite of services such as Fleet Maintenance, transmission repair, coolant system repairs, brake upgrades and repairs, transmission and driveline repairs, and performance upgrades to name just a few.